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As you may know, treatment for crooked teeth usually begins around 12 years of age on eruption of all the adult teeth.

However, did you know pre-orthodontic treatment is also an option?

Crowded teeth, are actually a symptom that your child's jaw and face are not developing correctly.

Intervening early, at around 5 to 8 years of age, can achieve results that are not possible once the face and the jaws have stopped growing.

Also, by intervening early, the jaws can be developed naturally to ensure the removal of teeth, in most cases, is not required. Additionally, jaw and facial development can be optimised and treatment tie in braces can be significantly shortened.

The state-of-the-art Myobrace appliances are the best way to correct to correct the muscular causes of crooked teeth and poor facial development and are only worn for 1 hour during the day, plus overnight.  By correcting the bad oral habits, children are able to grow naturally to their genetic potential.

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I am very happy with my lumineers. I had both my upper teeth and lower teeth done by Dr. Nimrod Montano.

I used to have pearly white teeth in the past but drinking tea everyday for health reasons have stained my teeth badly. I have had a few whitening procedures done on my teeth but with no success.

I see pictures of people with lumineers on magazines. They look very beautiful. I wanted the same white smile. I have read good and bad reviews about lumineers. But I believe in Dr. Montano. He is skilled and efficient. He made several adjustments with regards to the shape and length of my upper lumineers. They looked longer and unnatural but after some adjustments and shaping they now look very natural and beautiful.
The lumineers on my lower teeth turned out to be very good. The size and shape were perfect.

Now, I am proud of my smile. Dr. Montano did a marvelous job. I had pleasant experiences with his assistant, Louise. Both of them would hum a melody as they work. His clinic staff are all very pleasant and friendly.

From tessiedueck Date Friday, September 23, 2011 5:06 pm

My Name Sasha, and I am a patient of Dr. Nimrod Montano. My teeth are kind of black and I tried different things to make them white, did really work.
However, recently Dr. Montano advised me to try snap on smile. I agreed, and to my amazement snap on smile works very well. It is easy, not too expensive, and looks good.
Thanks to Dr. Montano's and his team professionalism I have different look, I smile a lot more and my teeth look a lot better and white. My family really likes it as well.

Thank you Dr. Montano and your team for introducing me to snap on smile and your professional work!

Sasha (


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